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The one and only

Designing functional art is a passion for us. We take pride in creating pieces that are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Our goal is to bring a touch of Morocco and ourselves to the world through our work. By combining functionality with beauty, we aim to provide our audience with pieces that they will treasure for years to come. Our functional art not only serves a purpose, but it also tells a story and brings joy to those who own it. We are dedicated to crafting functional pieces that are both practical and beautiful.

Floor Lamps

Discover the beauty of Fes through our handcrafted Moroccan lamps and wall lamps. Known for its historic walled medina and stunning medieval architecture, Fes inspires us to bring its charm to life in our designs. Our mission is to create functional pieces, including elegant chandeliers, that not only serve a purpose but also exude beauty and timeless elegance. By sharing a piece of Morocco and our passion with the world, we aim to bring joy and warmth to homes everywhere. Explore our collection of lamps, each one handcrafted to evoke the ancient beauty of Fes and bring atmosphere to any space. Experience the warm glow, mesmerizing shadows, and timeless elegance of Fes in your own home with our beautiful Moroccan lamps and chandeliers. Browse our collection today!